Lord, pick me!


Scripture References:

  • Jeremiah 29: 11-13
  • Esther 4: 14
  • Psalms 139: 13-16

This blog was created, truthfully, almost one year ago…and my first blog post was only two days ago. That’s a big difference in time, and I could tell you that I created the blog and then just forgot about it the next day, but that would be a lie. Every week I felt a need to write; even in college my professor asked me if I had a blog because I wrote as if I was having a conversation with a group of people- which in literature class is not a good thing might I add. It is kind of like saying, “Your writing is good but not good enough for literature.” …So my ego was bruised.

I have friends that will tell you how many times I would get aggravated because I didn’t know what to write or I felt like no one would take me seriously. From a young age I loved writing, but I hated to write book reports or essays for school. I felt like I was drowning in a pile of words that I didn’t believe in or I was forced to say. But anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot to say and I say it loudly…with strange accents.

Then two of my friends looked me IN THE EYE and asked me, “Do you think what you have to say is important? Does it point to what you believe in? Does is point back to Jesus? Or is it just a fad that will go away?” At first I wasn’t sure at all and then I began to questioned myself. “Can I even write well? Would I annoy people? I’m sure someone has already said what I have to say. No one would take me seriously. I’m just the funny girl who likes to make people laugh. Everyone would think I’m a joke. They’re going to think I’m just doing it because everyone does it.”

I was speaking death over the gifts that God had given me. I let the roots of doubt, worry, anxiety, and panic creep in to something beautiful God had designed JUST for me. A perfect gift that I was drowning because of fear.

Then I went to Italy. Everything changed. I realized I don’t have to worry about anything. God has my back. The Creator of the universe, He who hung the stars, and knows my inmost being. He gave me a gift and this gift has the power to change the world.
My friends and I just started a Move group called Unfiltered. We want it to be a group for girls to ask questions and dig deeper into their faith- to truly fall in love with Jesus. Because Jesus wants every piece of you, every facet of your being… the good, the bad, AND the ugly. We WANT you too! We want to do life with you, to grow with you, to be vulnerable with you, and we want to rejoice with you. We want our girls to be able to step away from the world of social media, Instagram filters, vscocam, and “140 characters or less” and truly become what the Lord intends them to be. Weird accents and all. So we named this group Unfiltered. So likewise, we named this blog Unfiltered.

I guess to sum up my ramblings: God gave YOU gifts. Whether that be acting, singing, writing, speaking, drawing, filming, or dancing. Fall in love with Jesus, dive into the Bible, learn to pray relentlessly, and make the most of what God has given you. The most powerful statement I have heard was when someone told me, “God gave everyone gifts and He equipped you with the power to use them, but if you just avoid it and push it away and drown your gift in fear He WILL find someone else to use that gift to glorify His great, glorious, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing name.”
So, embrace your gift.

Make a difference in the Kingdom: one word at a time, one speech at a time, one dance at a time, one film at a time.

“Go at once” and do it!

– Sydney

Go journal about this:

1. What is your gift and how can you use it to glorify Jesus?

2. What is holding you back from pursuing the dreams that God has put into you?

3. Write down everything that YOU want to do. Off of that list, how much of points back to Jesus?

4. Journal your prayers. Uses the Scriptures given to help shape your prayers.

5. Show some love to one person this week that you wouldn’t normally speak to. Write down his or her name. Pray for them. Hang out with them. Text them. Something!

9 thoughts on “Lord, pick me!

    1. Hey, none of us can take the credit! He is the one that is bold and He is the one that really wrote this. But, thank you for taking a moment out of your day to read. Can’t wait to hear from you. In the meantime, we are praying for you and your relationship with Him to deepen!


  1. Hi! I really wanted to have a deeper conversation with you guys after reading all your post everything make sense. Yes! I do have the job that I pray so hard being compensated and having more time to enjoy and relax, yet I know something is missing. It’s him, the creator, I admit it, most of the time I forgot him, I forgot to be so grateful for the abundance of life. I forgot that I’m being far from him. After reading your post and reflect from it, I am inspired and craving to talk with you guys and be more inspired. Thank you! Keep writing and keep inspiring us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And this is Bre! That just made my day. To know that you recognize that we can have the sweetest of loves, but His Presence is our only source of rest. He inspired this blog. It is so easy to forget about Him, to lose touch with Him. But, rest on the fact that He is giddy at your return. The father was watching for the prodigal son, but he was always present for the son that stayed. So He is always with us and we can find actual rest on that. Can’t wait to take this relationship deeper, you can find me on Facebook at Bre Bruce!


      1. hi bre i was confused who am i going to send message on facebook because you have a lot of bre bruce appearing on facebook when i try to get message you. i need someone to talk and enlighten me for i have a short temper today. and i feel bad being so bossy tho i cant help it. if is it okay you can also find me on facebook Livian Cabarle.

        thanks bre! 😦


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